Our Back Acre

Beats me why anyone wouldn't be bored to sleep with this but I thought I'd share anyway.  Maybe there are some who have an interest.

I realized I had never taken photos of my back lot.  It's exactly one acre (208.7 feet by 208.7 feet).  I have several pics of the inside and outside of the house.  I also posted a few photos of the yard near the house but none of the back acre lot.  So here's a guided tour of a lot of grass I have to cut and little else.

Since we're looking at mostly lawn, here's a way to tell which direction we're looking in and exactly what we're looking at.
Oh, and while we're talking about looking, remember we're looking through a wide-angle lens so I can capture near 180 degrees of angle in one shot.  The wide angle is great for that but it badly distorts your sense of distance.  Things are not nearly as far away as they seem in the photos.

Let's start with the survey.  I live on 2 acres.  The part I refer to as the back lot of back acre is called "Parcel "AAA" on the survey.  There are markers with flags on each of the acres 4 corners.  Some are not above ground but they're there.

I'll use this diagram below to show where I started taking pictures.  I've enlarged the part from the above survey which I call the back acre and marked each corner in pink as "A", "B", "C", & "D."  The numbers in boxes indicate which photo follows.  The red arrows indicate which direction I was looking in when I took the photo.

For this first group of 6 photos I was standing near the house looking at the back acre so everything you see isn't necessarily on the back acre but near it's perimeter.  You can tell by the markers when they appear in the photos.
Photo #1 through Photo #6

Photo #1
Looking toward the only house bordering my property you can see my neighbor's pool in his back yard.  It's the blue thing just to the left of my tool shed / pump house.

Photo #2
As I turned slightly for our first look toward my back acre I'm looking slightly left toward the stables.

Photo #3
In this shot I walked to the middle of the back yard so I'd have a more central look at the back acre.

Photo #4
Here I've turned slightly to the right from the previous photo and I took a few steps forward so that Markers "C" and "B" appear in the distance.  You can't really see Marker "B".  It's obscured by a tree in the foreground.  Marker "C" is the tiny white stick in front of the distant treeline just above my utility trailer on the left.

Photo #5
In this photo I turned sharp right to look at Marker "A" but it was obscured by the bush in the foreground.

Photo #6
In this photo I turned sharp right again to look at the side yard closest to the power line right of way.  That's a small young fig tree I planted in the foreground.

For this next group of photos I walked out of my back yard onto the back acre lot.  You can see by the diagram below I walked straight ahead from my position in the previous photo and criss crossed the lot.
Photo #7 through Photo #13

Photo #7
Here I'm standing to the left of Marker "A" and looking toward Marker "B" which is in the distance under the power company right of way.  It's only 208 feet away but the wide angle lens distorts distance so much you can't see it for the power pole.

Photo #8
Here I stepped a few feet forward and turned slightly to my left so I could shoot toward Marker "C."

Photo #9
Here I walked across the lot to stand just in front of Marker "D."  There's little to see here but the tool shed /  pump house and one of the two stables in the foreground.  In the distance are my 4 young peach trees I planted a few months ago.

Photo #10
Here I walked several feet forward so the stable wouldn't block my view.  I'm about 30 feet in front of Marker "D" looking toward Marker "B."

Photo #11
I crossed the property on a diagonal and looked back down the power company right of way.  Marker "B" is in the left corner of the photo and I'm looking back toward the road, a distance of 417 feet.  The wide angle lens makes the house and sheds look like a dwelling obscured by a clump of trees.

Photo #12
I crossed the property again in this photo to stand beside Marker "C" and shoot toward Maker "A."

Photo #13
For my last photo I thought I stand on my back property line and shoot toward the house.  Again, this makes the distance look exagerated but just try cutting grass sometime.  You'd think it was quite accurate.  It may only be 2 acres but after a couple hours in the hot southern sun it feels like 20 acres.

~ END ~