2012-07-27 Guitar Store Hopping

With Grandkids

I wanted to go guitar store hopping with my oldest grandsons before school starts in August.  I really didn't know where the music stores are around here since I'm used to shopping the larger, more plentiful stores in Birmingham.  I was surprised to find there are plenty of stores here.  2 are only 45 minutes away.  An hour's drive took us within range of 8 more.  We didn't have time to visit them all but we enjoyed visiting the ones we did get to see.

Our first store was Music Masters which was one of the two best we visited.  It's a very small store in a strip mall.  The selection was nice, mostly inexpensive brands.  This wasn't the place to shop for Fender, Gibson, Martin, etc. but they did have some Breedlove guitars.   Joe and I both bought cloth guitar cables for dirt cheap prices.

I took the boys photos outside each place we visited.  Here they are outside Music Masters.

I told them to act silly outside the next music store.  Pretty silly doncha think?

Bill Hardin's is a well known place, probably the best known in these parts.  Could it be the large neon guitar atop their sign at the shopping mall?

The boys enjoyed looking around Bill Hardin's.

I think they enjoyed themselves at Georgia Music about the most of anyplace they visited except for Music Masters.
Here, the two youngest bought a snare drum stand.

Arvin's is really a pawn shop.  They had a lot of guitars but the boys were more interested in the guns I think.

I think Bibb Music may become one of our favorite stores.  Unfortunately, it was closed.
As we peered in the window, the interior reminded me of the Rock Block in Nashville, TN.

Our last stop wasn't at a music store.  Something besides the boys' musical interests were calling.

~ END ~