2017 May - Moving Back Home

As many of you know, in Apr. 2016 we made the decision to live with Linda's mom for a year.
Part of the cost of moving was moving back into our home.  No one keeps up a place as well
as the owners.  Here's a BEFORE and AFTER of just the lawn and garden to help illustrate what I mean.

Here's what our front door looked like after being away from our home for a year.

We had to do some heavy trimming and still need to do more.  But this is what our front
door looks like today.

Our rose bed was in pretty sad shape.  Note the Chinaberry tree to the left.  More on that later.

Here's a closeup of the rose bed to give you a better idea of what we were dealing with.
Tall weeds were overcoming the roses.

Here's what it looks like today.  Note the Chinaberry tree is no longer there.
We can thank Hurricane Irma for that.

Here's a view of the day lillies and rose bed from the back side of the fence.

Here are what the day lillies looked like a couple years ago before we painted the house.

And here's a closeup of the day lillie bed in 2015 after the house was painted.

Here's what it look it looked like when we moved back into our home.

Here's what it looks like today.  Granted there's a lot more work to be done but at least most
of the grass and weeds are now gone.  Now we have to decide where to move the flowers.

Here's what the climbing rose bush looked like before we moved.

Here it is after we moved back.

And here it is today.  I circled it in RED so you wouldn't miss it.  The thing was so thick, I was able
to chop it up into 4 pieces and place a cutting with roots in each corner of our back yard.
The reason for moving it will become obvious when you take a look at my other pages.
It was in the way of a new lean-to shed on this end of my storage building.

When we moved back into the house nearly 5 months ago, this is what my A/C unit
and surrounding area looked like.

This is what it looks like today.   The different camera distorted the bright yellow color of the house,
but you get the idea.  No more tall grass and weeds tall as my head!  For that, I'm grateful to Linda,
her daughter and grandson, his girl friend, and any others who have helped us get this place back
in order since May.   Because there were so many improvements to be made, it will take several web
pages to document it all.  This is just one of them.


So what was I doing while they were cleaning up the flower gardens you may ask?  

I haven't said anything about all the construction projects going on since we moved back.
The first were of course having to fix things back like we wanted them inside and out, shelves
to be relocated or added, broken things repaired, locks changed, things like that.

Then there was Linda's "She Shed."  That project will take up a whole web page by itself!!
But no sooner did we get the She Shed completed than along came Hurricane Irma.  It did
extensive damage to the property.  That's yet another web page with photos and ...
~ END ~